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word The word is optional - implies OR. e.g. apple banana - finds rows that contain at least one of the words.
+word The word MUST be contained in the data record - implies AND. e.g. +apple +juice - finds rows that contain both words.
+apple macintosh - finds rows with the word apple but ranks rows higher if they also contain macintosh.
-word The word MUST NOT be contained in the data record - implies NOT. e.g. +apple -macintosh - finds rows that contain apple but not macintosh.
~word The word SHOULD NOT appear in the data record - records containg this word have a lower ranking. Such words are not completely excluded but are given a lesser value. e.g. +apple ~macintosh - finds rows that contain apple but if the row also contains macintosh rates it lower than a row that does not.
word* Searches for words that begin with word (e.g., word, words,wordless). The asterisk is a wildcard operator e.g. apple* - finds rows that contain words such as apple, applesauce or applet.
"some words" The exact word order should be searched. Case-insensitive. Nonword characters need not be matched exactly (e.g., test phrase matches test, phrase. e.g. finds "some words of wisdom" but not "some noise words".
( ) Parentheses can be used to group expressions(e.g., (+word +(word1 word2)). Searches for data records that contain word and either word1 or word2. Parentheses can be nested. e.g. +apple +(turnover strudel) - finds rows that contain the words "apple" and "turnover", or "apple" and "strudel" (in any order).
"short words" A search for a single word containing less than 4 characters is treated differently.
Searches for each occurrence of those characters.
A word of less than 4 characters can also be searched for in combination with another word or words by enclosing them in in quotes (").
e.g. GWR finds occurrences of this word - will also find occurrences contained within another word e.g. sonGWRiter.
"GWR railway" finds occurrences of the words 'GWR railway' as a single phrase.